The Good Land Natural Feeds Story

It all began with a simple mission: to provide nutrient-dense, wholesome, and nutritious food for our family and the Rolla community. But as we delved deeper into sustainable farming, a challenge emerged. Finding non-GMO and organic feeds in the Mid-Missouri area was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Undeterred, we embarked on journeys to various feed mills far and wide. Miles were covered, and hours were spent just to ensure that our livestock received only the best nutrition. As the years went by, our endeavors caught the attention of fellow farmers. Curious questions about our feed sources became common, and it dawned on us that we weren’t the only ones grappling with this challenge. At first we shared with a few and the impact to there productivity and animal health was very apparent, as word spread we focused on maintaining availability by making frequent all-day trips through the beautiful Missouri country side to mills and hauling product back to Rolla for delivery to our customers. The risk of making these trips become apparent when I encountered a hail storms while on 63 hwy through Jefferson City. Visibility was less than 100 feet, the sound of the hail smashing the roof of the truck was nerveracking and I had no way to find shelter from the hail for the other vehicles on the highway. Faced with no other option, I stayed in my lane, a heavy trailer pushing me along and through to the other side of the storm. When the storm cleared I saw the carnage of many wrecks all around me in both directions. I thank God for protecting me and the cargo that day and vividly realized that if I had not made it through that storm unscathed, I would not be able to help anyone.

Hey I’ve sent several people your number for feed!! Super super impressed with this feed. These birds are packing on the pounds and starting to walk slower lol…They were bones before, now they are all getting meaty. ~Tracy E

Rather than continuing to personally haul tones of feed from mills around the state, we focused on streamlining logistics, lowering costs and better managing risk to meet the growing pent up demand for clean, unaltered, natural grains and feed throughout the region. We’ve since partnered with local business to help ship, receive and warehouse our inventory while we continue distributing feed to fill our customer orders. This allows us to focus on you, the customer by delivering fresh, non-GMO feed, faster and with less expense than anyone.

From our family farm to yours, we invite you to be a part of the solution, ensuring a natural and wholesome life for our animals. We’ve partnered with feed mills and local growers renowned for their high-quality, non-GMO verified and Beyond Organic feeds. This collaboration allows us to offer the same quality and assurance we wanted for our farm to dozens of others in the area consistently, at costs and level of effort feasible for small scale producers, family farms and homesteads.

Today, Good Land Natural Feeds is a promise to nurture your livestock with the best nutrition and a commitment to quality service.